The Spoke

Instantly discover and decide what to do next.

Instantly discover what to do next by swiping through lists of recommendations from the people you trust and respect. Instantly decide what to do by syncing slates with friends to make a group decision in seconds. Instantly, make a move... your favorite services are a tap away.

  • Kevin Suh
    Kevin SuhSoftware engineer, Nova Credit (YC S16)

    Super effective way to discover and decide on restaurants/movies to check out with your friends.


    Somewhat network effect dependent -- i.e. would be way more useful once my friends are on it and active.

    Definitely worth a download when deciding on things to do. A group of friends are visiting from out of town next week, and this is the perfect tool for us to agree on what restaurants to eat at this weekend.

    Kevin Suh has used this product for one month.
  • Armando Ochoa
    Armando OchoaFellow @ Venture For America

    Brilliant concept in today’s age of Yelp review saturation.


    Still in development. We have access to only a fraction of what The Spoke will be.

    Like most people, I’m much more likely to take recommendations on places to go out, books, movies, travel itineraries, etc. from friends and others I know.

    Armando Ochoa has used this product for one month.
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Tom Stern
Tom SternMaker@bullstern
👋 Product Hunt! I’m Tom. It started with my girlfriend and I trying to find a movie. We’d sit in bed, scroll through Netflix, i'd fall asleep after 45 minutes… and in the morning she’d understandably be furious. After running into the same problem with restaurants, books, and products, I realized finding what to do next takes forever. 33% of all search queries are for recommendations, but our results are polluted by general consensus algorithms and paid advertising. Even worse, the problem becomes exponentially harder when we're trying to make group plans, requiring hundreds of back and forth texts usually ending up in arguments. Introducing The Spoke: a place to instantly discover and decide what to do next. We cut through the clutter by featuring lists of recommendations from your friends, favorite influencers & publishers. Choose a list and see each item with your personalized Spoke Score - the average rating from the people you follow. If the movie or place looks interesting, swipe right to save it. If not, swipe left. If you’ve done it, swipe up to power the Spoke Score for the people who follow you. The Spoke Score decides how search results are ranked, so searching for a genre or cuisine will return different results for everyone on the planet. Then when decision time comes, “sync slates” with your significant other or friends to instantly see the saved items you have in common… with your favorite streaming/delivery services one tap away. We hope it eliminates as many arguments for you as it has for us. Looking forward to your feedback! -The Spoke.
Ihor Harbuziuk
Ihor Harbuziuk@ihor_harbuziuk · cool guy
Stefani Sparysheva
Stefani Sparysheva@stefani_s · Digital Marketing Manager
Cool! Good luck, guys.
Kumar Thangudu
Kumar ThanguduPro@datarade · Technologist
Search is broken. I think the future of reviews will be seeing reviews from authenticated friends. Stranger reviews will matter a lot less because bots invaded everything.
Tom Stern
Tom SternMaker@bullstern
@datarade yes sir 🙌🏼! We're looking forward to take the way we exchange recommendations offline and bring it online
Quintin Woods
Quintin Woods@qwoods13 · Design, build, eat, repeat!
This is really awesome! With so much input, curation is starting to become essential. It's the only way to be efficient about things. Been looking for an internet librarian of sorts 😉
Tom Stern
Tom SternMaker@bullstern
@qwoods13 thanks a ton! It's important we cut through all of the content not meant for us! Would love to learn more about exactly what you're looking for!