The Song Machine

There's a reason hit songs offer guilty pleasure

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New Yorker staff writer John Seabrook tells a fascinating story of creativity and commerce that explains how songs have become so addictive. Similar to how startups are looking for their "hooks" to keep people coming back, songs have historically had this too. Nowadays apparently there is a hook every 7 seconds in songs!!! They are engineered to act like junk-food - The bliss leaves you wanting more.
@bentossell we are by degrees noting and exploiting what makes us tick, perhaps not all good or all bad, but finding the in-between workings of our brains
Justin Bieber is the junk food that I just can't quit. I think others on the PH team can attest... cc @corleyh @andrewmettinger @rrhoover
@nbashaw This was featured two weeks ago here :) - I spotted it and it looked awesome! What were your thoughts on it?