The Smartcane

Warn the family in case their owner falls

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Brendan Beirne
Product / strategy, Joojoo
Fantastic idea!
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
🎯Strategist for Hire
Hoping to see the "smartcane" morph into a mod for any cane or walker. The type of cane one can use varies more than you'd think.
Great product. Hope on the long term that we will be able to find a biological solution to the problem (eg. make the legs of elderly stronger).
Simon Bromberg
Cool, but I highly doubt that a significant portion of falling cases occur to people who were carrying a cane at the time. Canes add stability, thus reducing the likelihood of falling. People fall in the shower, transitioning between support, etc. Plus for many people who need support, a cane is not sufficient.
Pom FlorentinFull Stack Developer
@shimmb Can't agree more with you!
BabablueProduct Stalker
Will it call panic if the cane falls down by itself ? Every time I carry an umbrella and sit down somewhere it will fall down or slide away at least once, there's no easy way to put it when you're out.