The Skarp Laser Razor

Shave with a laser, irritation-free

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It seems a little fishy that all of the guys involved have facial hair. 😅
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@dan_e_gray Had the same thought! :D
I don't understand why they didn't actually show the product in use.
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@skirano I was wondering this too.
@saulsutcher @skirano they have on the kickstarter page.
I've been burned by a few other Kickstarter projects. If they can cut their costs it will appeal to a broader consumer base. I've been looking for a new razor though, so I may have found this just in the nick of time.
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@arlogilbert lol *nick* of time
@arlogilbert lol - *burned* by a few KS projects. Also wouldn't this smell if you're burning your hair off?
@alangarrec it says there's no smell because it's not burning the hair...
If it actually works, seems like it would have been a good idea to film a few people using it so we could see the results.
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The demo is actually really unimpressive. If you look at update #5 there's a video of him spending about 5 minutes scraping a couple inches of hair off his hand.
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Here's the URL for everyone who wants to see a demo https://d2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfron...
@connorrlee Not only is it unimpressive, it's awkward. I'm anxious because I just want him to lay it flat on his arm and shave it off, like, um, a RAZOR. Instead he's got an unsteady hand afraid to touch his own skin.
@connorrlee looks as though he's unable to operate the razor. Or the camera for that matter. I hope they realize the quality of videos greatly affects the perception of the product.
@bradenhamm @connorrlee Yeah, this looks really awkward. Just put it down and pull it, like a normal human being.