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#5 Product of the DayJune 28, 2014



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Ryan Hudson
Ryan HudsonHunterHiring@ketau · co-founder, Honey
Demonstration of the evolving power of CSS. Related link has how he did it.
Akram Quraishi
Akram Quraishi@akramquraishi · Co-Founder of Foundora
Amazing to see this done in CSS, which was unimaginable in earlier days. Now I would need a PNG2CSS converter. 8)
Andrew Zusman
Andrew Zusman@uxandrew · UX Designer this a product?...
Ryan Hudson
Ryan HudsonHunterHiring@ketau · co-founder, Honey
@UXAndrew Not really. Posted here to inspire product people to think about another way to design visual assets (animated logos, ?, etc). And if someone makes @akramquraishi's PNG2CSS converter I will have succeeded in my goal. is available... just sayin' ;)
Martin Bavio
Martin Bavio@mbavio · Full Stack Designer
@UXAndrew Definitely not. A big warning to Product Hunt if we start adding any kind of Internet content.