The Simple Postcard

Text a photo to mail it as a postcard

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Jason StraussMaker@jastrauss
Hi PH! I wanted an easy way to send postcards, so, over a few weekends I built The Simple Postcard. Send a postcard by text message! To get started, just text a photo to 251 265 2848. (My girlfriend made the website look good!) Let me know what you think!
Seth Louey@sethlouey · 🙌 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
@jastrauss tried to scan my CC and entered the payment only to get a 500 error. EDIT: Must have been a hiccup because it went through the second time.
Jason StraussMaker@jastrauss
@sethlouey Looks like Stripe had an issue with the card. Glad it worked now!
Greg Bilsland@gregbilsland
@jastrauss Very cool product, Jason. Added the number to my address book. Are you hoping to integrate payment into cell phone bill or a Paypal login to avoid having to type credit card into mobile (which is kind of a pain)?
Jason StraussMaker@jastrauss
@gregbilsland Select "Remember me" on checkout, so you don't have type in the cc info every time! I haven't found an easy way to charge via the cellphone bill. I will likely add Paypal soon!
Jordan Nemrow@nemrow · Software Engineer @ Teleborder
I launched a very similar product a few years ago. I'd love to share our challenges with you. nemrowj at gmail. Shoot me an email. This was our app:
Jason StraussMaker@jastrauss
@nemrow Looks cool! Will email.
Seb Dancer-Michel@far0s · Creative developer Intern @ Your Majesty
Hey, really cool idea, I might send postcards again then ! Hope it lands in EU soon !
Jason StraussMaker@jastrauss
@far0s Thanks, should be in the EU in a few weeks!
Daniel F.@deleted-342513 · Squirting mustard on things since 2016.
I love this idea! And at $2, the price is right. Very nice idea.
Mickwho@mickwho1 · Traveler, Where is Mickwho
I really like the idea. People love receiving postcards. I did a vid on my channel 3 weeks ago about sending postcards to people and sent more than 50 I wrote myself. 10 different countries. Do you think you could get this international? Because I want to keep doing that in my vids but sending my own pics. Here's a link to the vid:
Jason StraussMaker@jastrauss
@mickwho1 Cool, we'll support international in the next few weeks! I'll make sure to let you know when.
Mickwho@mickwho1 · Traveler, Where is Mickwho
@jastrauss Sweet!!!