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Ah! Thank you for spreading the word, @adamsigel! I'm happy to answer any questions from PHers. The company has gone through 4 months of working with early customers, and we are fully ready to release it to the world πŸŒŽπŸŽ‰ If you've ever wished you "did more" for an elderly relative (grandma/pa, aunt, uncle, whoever!), then you will totally loveee what we've created for you 😁!! The mission of this company is so near and dear to my heart ❀️ I've worked with the elderly for 20 years, and couldn't be more thrilled to bring The Silver Post to the world. Thank you to EVERYone who has been supportive (and those who are already customers!) so far. Here's to you, your elderly loved ones, and a brighter future filled with meaningful connections and lots of love ❀️ Follow along on Facebook and Instagram, too, if you'd like!
My friend Carolyn is building this product and I love the simplicity and the mission. I don't really use Facebook much anymore since most of my friends have moved on to other platforms, but I do have some older family members that use it. So when my wife and I went on a trip to Africa earlier this year and posted to Instagram and Snapchat, my friends could enjoy that but not my grandmother. Enter The Silver Post. Once a month, I get a text message asking if there are any photos I want to send to my grandmother. I text a few photos back, and The Silver Post turns it into a little postcard that gets mailed (physically) to her. It's super simple, and she LOVES it. Even though she has a smartphone and we text every so often, the reminder/prompt for photos is super helpful.
Is this only for US?
@javerbode Hey Joey, We can send postcards anywhere! Only thing is that addresses outside of the U.S. do not get our postcard tracking feature. What country are you hoping to mail to?
@carolynheard Hi Carolyn, it would be for Belgium. Thanks
This is a super cool idea
How many cards can you send for $5 per month? I can't see different pricing levels or quantities @carolynheard
@tom_pryor Hey Tom! It's $5/mo. per postcard. Thanks for asking! We will clarify this on website soon