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Atul Singh
Hey guys, I'm one of the co-founders. Thanks Rahul for posting us here. We have a bunch of customers (ranging from startups, small agencies, to big agencies) who use our platform to discover and work with the most relevant influencers. For example, recently Luxola (a Singapore based company) started using our platform and discovered hundreds of relevant influencers in their specific geographical location (South-East Asia) and their vertical (beauty, makeup) within minutes! Our product has 3 components: a) discovery engine to find most relevant influencers (# of followers is a vanity metric, we look at a multitude of signals to quantify relevance) b) hiring and outreach tools c) social listening tools (almost every tool today uses hashtag or mention analysis to find relevant content. We find 3X+ more content because we don't rely on the presence of # or @ to find relevant content). Will be happy to give a demo if interested (just signup and we'll schedule one). If anyone from here signs up, we'll be happy to offer you 30% off. Use this promo: THESHELF_PRODUCTHUNT_MARCH31_2015 after the demo. And if you have any questions, let us know! Here or send me a note
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Rahul Varshneya
Cofounder - Arkenea LLC
Came across this at Tamar Weinberg's AMA and thought was an interesting platform. Anyone used it and found success?
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Lauren and Atul are an awesome team! Having spent several years in the influence space myself, they're definitely building the right tools and model for where the space is heading. Kudos, guys.
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Benjamin Hoffman
Software Engineer
@singhatuls what type of businesses get the greatest use out of @theshelf ... of course a makeup company or new teenager app might benefit from using your service... im curious to hear of other popular use cases?
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Lauren Jung
@singhatuls @theshelf @benhoffman_ Hey Benjamin, I'm so glad you asked that! It's a question I love answering! :) The bloggers on our platform definitely fall within a pretty distinct set of verticals, but that doesn't really limit the brands who can work with them. We feel that influencer marketing is slightly less about subject matter and more about targeting very specific demographics of consumers. We've seen that many brands are purposefully working with bloggers who fall outside of their niche. A great example is HP. They teamed up with a bunch of fashion bloggers to promote one of their tablets (which you can see here Fashion bloggers wouldn't be the obvious choice for promoting a tech product, but if you think about it, it's pretty ingenious. Just about anyone out there would be interested in tablets. So even though readers come to these fashion blogs for fashion advice... if one of these trusted bloggers describes all of the cool things that she does with her HP tablet, it's going to make an impact. And, one could even argue, that because these fashion bloggers aren't overloading their audience with other tech products, these HP blog posts don't have to compete against other similar products when being shown to this particular audience (as they probably would on a tech blog). There are tons of other examples out there : -Blue Apron worked with a number of large fashion bloggers : You can totally see why these posts would do well. The photos are awesome. The posts are engaging and thorough. And, most importantly, their audience isn't getting inundated with other food products... which is great for a company like Blue Apron, who has pretty large competitors. -Diet Coke has been working with fashion bloggers too: Those are just a few examples. We actually dove into this whole notion of "the rise of the lifestyle blogger" in one of our blog posts : The verticals we currently support are fashion, beauty, lifestyle, parenting (mommy), food, and travel. (The last two verticals are still growing, but we have excellent coverage for the first four.) And, as I mentioned above, those verticals can stretch pretty far, especially for brands who are interested in more creative targeting strategies. Hope that answers your question! :)
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