The most comprehensive directory of marketplaces built using Sharetribe. This includes examples of no-code marketplaces, Airbnb clones, and more marketplace types that were built leveraging Sharetribe's marketplace platform.

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Mike Williams
Building Marketplaces
Yo Product Hunt! I'm obsessed with marketplaces and have been building marketplace MVP's using Sharetribe's marketplace platform for a few years. The most notable example is Studiotime, which I initially built without code in an evening, launched on Product Hunt, and has now become the largest online marketplace for booking music studios (still runs on Sharetribe). Since then, I've sort of become the go-to person for everything Sharetribe and receive tons of emails from people looking for other examples of Sharetribe marketplaces. Usually they want to see other real examples of marketplaces and if it's possible to use Sharetribe to build their marketplace idea. With this in mind, I made a Sharetribe Marketplace Directory to showcase other marketplaces that were built using Sharetribe. These are examples of no code marketplaces, Airbnb style marketplaces, Etsy style marketplaces, and more. This is a very focused product, but if you're looking to build and launch a marketplace without coding, using Sharetribe, or even just see examples of other marketplaces, I think you'll find The Sharetribe Marketplace Directory helpful. With the rise of no code tools and makers (great article on this @rrhoover!), I'm hoping this can help others realize they can now get started building a marketplace without coding. I’ll continue to add more examples to this today and if you know of a Sharetribe marketplace that is not on it, please add it directly using the add functionality! BTW, I built this using @ajlkn Carrd + Airtable in about 30 minutes 🛠🚀
Jeff C.Jeff C.
Cannabis strain exchange built on Sharetribe -