The Scientific Meal Planner

Free meal plans optimally balanced for health and longevity

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 08, 2020
Introducing The Scientific Meal Planner
An absolutely FREE public service that uses the recommendations of nutrition science to generate optimally balanced meal plans for health and longevity.
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Hello everyone! I'm the developer of The Scientific Meal Planner. In a society where almost everyone eats an unhealthy diet, the diseases that stem from diet become normalized. For example, heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans, and for the most part, it does not need to occur at all. People are (mostly unknowingly) doing it to themselves. The importance of diet for disease prevention is very significant and under-appreciated by the public at large. When creating this my goal was to apply the lessons of nutrition science to a meal planning algorithm so that those who care to follow the evidence have a resource that helps them do it. It's totally free, presented as a public service, in hopes it can help people live healthier lives. Give it shot!
@daniel_burnette Nice product! I often encounter people that would like to eat healthier but don't necessarily know what exactly is considered healthy food. And many people that are trying to transition to a plant based diet aren't necessarily fulfilling their nutrition needs, hence the need for better planning. Does your algorithm take into consideration the user's medical condition and/or dietary sensitivities or allergies? I think this would be a great value add. I've been eating on a plant-based diet for nearly three years, and the most important lesson I've learned is to meet people halfway, and talk about how small changes to their diet can have a positive impact on their health. Small, compounded changes are very effective for developing new habits, in comparison to suggesting more drastic ones.
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@jvrlvs At this time it does not. Currently the algorithm is simply attempting to build meal plans that satisfy "daily dozen" foods + quantities you should eat daily for optimal health. That is a great idea though, definitely adding it to my todo list!
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I signed up to see the kind of meals. It's nice and healthy but the ingredient cannot be found in every supermarket so you'd have to be very committed.
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@daniel_burnette Really astounding Idea. Now people will know what to eat and what not to eat to stay healthy and fit.
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Really nice product and very impressive that you seem to use one of the most credible sources of science-based nutrition recommendations since that's an absolute jungle. Will try this out for a while :)
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