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Hey! Thanks so much for checking this out - hope the story is entertaining / useful :) We'd love feedback!
@nbashaw I really enjoyed reading this! Your use of animation to tell the story was brilliant. Looking forward to more of your work!
@freddieo thanks so much! means a lot to me :) you can see some of our other recent stories at hardbound.co
@nbashaw my only qualm is that I have to enter my phone number to subscribe! Wish there was an option for email 😌
@freddieo i hear ya! maybe we should offer that as a backup. We prefer phone because Hardbound stories are really designed to be read on a phone. But I can understand why some might prefer email.
@nivo0o0 I could watch that all day
LOOOOVE this. Always enjoy learning from Hardbound. Great work Nathan πŸ˜πŸ‘
woot ~ great read!
@jrdngonen thank you, sir!
Amazing read. Great work w/ Nir Eyal.