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The SaaS Playbook is a free weekly newsletter of the top SaaS resources and best practices. There are no sponsors, gimmicks, subscription fees - our only goal is building a strong community of SaaS enthusiasts eager to help each other solve problems.
  • Pros: 

    Its a short and amusing read


    I get a ton of email already, wish it was available on Feedly or the like.

    I'm not primarily a business/ops guy but I like this newsletter - it lets me up my saas game in bite size junks. Reading this does usually end up with me adding a bunch of bookmarks to my weekend reading list...

    Florian Hines has used this product for one month.
  • Ben Campbell
    Ben CampbellCustomer Success Manager at Twist

    Wonderful information for those with a wide range of SaaS experience both new and seasoned.


    As others have mentioned, other alternatives to delivery would be a good update.

    Keep up the great work!

    Ben Campbell has used this product for one week.
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Bethany Stachenfeld
Bethany Stachenfeld@bethstachenfeld · Founder, Sendspark
Awesome! I've been waiting for this to come out from Scaleworks for a long time :)
drew olanoff
drew olanoffHunter@drew
It's been great watching this newsletter come along over the past few months, and it gets better every issue. There's a lot of content out there in the SaaS world, just no great hubs to find it all. Glad that Cody and crew took this on.
Cody Halff
Cody HalffMaker@codyhalff · Scaleworks
Hey Product Hunt, excited to introduce you all to The SaaS Playbook, a weekly newsletter of our favorite SaaS resources and best practices! This started because we comb through SaaS content every day, and have a hard time finding reads which aren’t geared towards selling the author’s product. The content is generally self-serving, so we created a Slack channel where we would post/discuss the best reads, and figured others might enjoy it as well. You can sign up and check out the first few issues here: https://thesaasplaybook.substack... Thanks, and thoughts/feedback is welcome!
Kelsey Anderson
Kelsey Anderson@kelsey_anderson2
I just subscribed. Looking forward to getting a weekly dose of insightful SaaS content from this playbook!
Awesome, yet, concise thoughts. Brevity is underrated, nice job.