SaaS SEO has its own set of challenges, so we created this guide specifically for SaaS founders and marketers to help you optimize your site, drive more traffic, and organize your company to see the best results you can.

Over the years I've helped over 100 SaaS companies (like Grovo) grow, through advising and direct consulting.

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Every CEO, marketer or wannabe marketer should read this and then re-read 3 months later.


The source of truth for SEO.


Lots of words - but they are useful.

I thought this was a super useful guide to SEO for SaaS by @dohertyjf. A whole bunch of great lessons and recommendations in here.
Well done !!!
Hey everyone! I'd love your feedback on this guide as well, and additionally what I didn't answer that you've been wondering about!
Wow - this is a massive resource. Thanks for all the effort that went into this @dohertyjf!!!
@francovarriano Thank you Franco!! I'd love to hear what it helps you do!