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Etienne Garbugli
Builder. Researcher. Optimizer.
πŸ‘‹ Hi Hunters! Last summer we started publishing email marketing teardowns to drive traffic to our product (Highlights). We created teardowns for Hotjar, Trello, MailChimp, Zapier, Product Hunt, and a few more tech Cos. Each time we'd publish, the same thing would happen: Several founders would reach out, asking for more info on this or that email tactic. We tried answering those questions through the posts we wrote but, at some point, it just felt like there was more ground to cover than we could write posts. I completely get it! In 2015, I started working at LANDR, a SaaS platform in the music industry. In that role, I pretty much learned SaaS email marketing on the job through trial and error, and scouring the internets for insights. I enjoyed this "experimentation", but it led to some spectacular mistakes (like sending 85k emails to the wrong ppl 😬) but, in spite of those setbacks... the experience convinced me that, done right, email marketing can be a game-changer in SaaS. I spent months collecting questions and answering those questions; the SaaS Email Marketing Masterclass is pretty much everything I would have loved to know about email *before* I got started at LANDR. A lot of the content is unlocked for the next few days. Please share any feedback if you guys go through some of the lessons. Also, if you're interested in taking the course, Hunters get 30% off for the next few days if they use the code PHLOVE. Thanks for checking out my product. It means a lot. :-)
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Julien BraultCEO at Hardbacon
Wow, you know your shit!
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Good luck with this new project Etienne, I'm sure it will help many fellow entrepreneurs!
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