The Room Three

A physical puzzle game within a beautifully tactile world

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I remember playing The Room on my old iPad when it was released in 2012 and was amazed at the level of detail in the game. Looking forward to playing this latest version which expands on the first two games with more intricate objects and expanded locations. 👾
@imscott Same here! It was the first iPad game to impress me with its visuals. I've always really enjoyed these games. Will definitely be getting this one as well. Thanks for hunting this!
@imscott great find. my wife and i loved the earlier release of this game.
I dumped a lot of time into Myst as a kid - love the evolution of this genre.
Awesome, I just got a new OnePlus 2 and was going to reinstall and replay the first and second installments now I have space again. Will install this instead. I felt really pulled in by the first 2, and at times a little creeped out. Great that a game on a small screen is able to do that. The storytelling was on point as well.

This series (Room 1, 2, 3) is literally my favorite iPad app in the world. I could play these endlessly, and always buy the new release when I see it. Wish they could put out new versions faster!


Long game life, incredible graphics, very challenging in some parts.


This edition has three possible endings, and I had trouble navigating to try them all. Also, it's a huge file size.