The Road to GraphQL

Your journey to master pragmatic GraphQL in JavaScript


Your journey to master GraphQL in JavaScript the pragmatic way with React, Node and Apollo by building real world applications.

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CY Lim
Eduardo Rabelo
  • Pros: 

    Another master piece by Robin! A well written book about GraphQL in the JavaScript ecosystem.


    A little bit short in the GraphQL fundamentals, but it's worth it anyway!

    If you want to start with GraphQL, this book is a must-read, you will understand and create a fully functional application using the best tools in the JavaScript/Node.js ecosystem.

    If you have any doubts about GraphQL, Robin will help you understand it and he'll show you in a practical way why this technology is revolutionising the way we build applications!

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  • Terrance

    It’s a clear and concise resource


    No cons at all

    Robin knows his stuff

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