The Ringer

Bill Simmons is back with a new site and team

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This is one of the first big publication partnerships Medium's done (IIRC). More details in @jyarow's article in Business Insider from Feb this year. I'm super curious to know more of the details in how the deal is structured. @billsimmons and team are putting a ton of trust in Medium, from a distribution and revenue perspective.
Built in collaboration with Medium. Looks great.
Interesting, and love the collaboration with Medium! (and the Sacca episode which is 💯)
Thrilled to see Bill Simmons landed somewhere long term. After a quick look it has somewhat of a grantland feel but still very unique
No idea who Bill Simmons is, so the tagline means exactly nothing to me. Apparently it's a blog.
@tombielecki Created Grantland and had the initial idea for 30 for 30 at ESPN, prolific podcaster and sports reporter. Has a penchant for finding (and keeping) writing talent around him.
@tombielecki the man who essentially made sports blogging and culture a thing