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Özgür Alaz
Özgür Alaz@ozguralaz · Trend Expert, Founder of @usefulideasnet
I think it is a neat idea. It is beneficial for all kind of buying process. But, i think, they need more simpler name. Most of the people will afraid of "The research browser" name. Only nerds like the name. Then, the UX is designed for geeks, not for normal people.
Tom De Ruysser
Tom De RuysserMaker@tdrtu · COO TheResearchBrowser
Hi, the co-creator here. We developed this app to ease the process of finding stuff on the internet, because a while back we were asked to research for information from lots of different websites. As each website has its own layout, unifying the information from different sites can be quite a pain. And sharing your research with friends or colleagues by e-mailing or texting URLs was too cumbersome. So, we created a unifying layout for bookmarks that lets you add additional info you like and then share that info with others by means of a chat/history function. @ozguralaz, thanks for the comments. The name relates to the start of the project, but a snazzier name might be a good idea. I'll look into that. As for the UI, well... it will evolve quite soon and we welcome input there.