The Remote Work Summit 2018

27 Experts Discuss Remote Work & Distributed Organizations

The Remote Work Summit is a virtual conference with 27 speakers from Buffer, Evernote, Microsoft, Trello, Github, Appirio, Zapier, Toptal, Automattic (WordPress), Helpscout, Treehouse, WomenWhoCode, Mailbird, Flexjobs and others. It's an online summit that discusses remote work, virtual teams & distributed organizations. Get your free pass!


Arjun Tuli
Raghav Dua
Sahibjeet Singh
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  • Arjun Tuli
    Arjun TuliFounder, Knowledge Maps

    Awesome list of speakers.



    Getting insights on how to manage remote teams is of utmost importance for the new age entrepreneurs.

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Nishchal Dua
Nishchal DuaMakerHiring@nishchaldua · Product & Growth | Serial Traveler
Ahoy! I'm the host of The Remote Work Summit 2018. Quick Overview: It's a virtual summit. Free to attend. Spread over 5 days from March 5th to 9th. With 27 speakers from leading remote organizations. No, you won't miss out on anything today because all interviews are available online for the week. Take your time, attend on your own pace. Why remote work? I'm a big supporter of flexible work, remote policies, sharing economy, diversity & gender balance at work. Imagine if all of us could work from anywhere, anytime, however, we want to, without any barriers. Remote work was supposed to be the ONE TRUE BENEFIT OF INTERNET. We got Snapchat instead. Remote organizations are able to hire people for their skill & value instead of who's based where and how they or their resumes look. I'm not saying that every job & company can go remote today. But those who can, should. I think of remote work as a big equalizer that will finally break down the last few geographic walls we face. To make sure there is real value in this online conference, we got together a phenomenal panel of speakers. See & judge for yourself. Speakers: * Director of Partnerships, WordPress * Director of People, Buffer * General Manager, Evernote * Program Manager, Microsoft (Scott Hanselman, the ASP.Net guy if you know?) * Marketing Head, Trello * COO, Treehouse * CEO, Liquidspace * CEO, Mailbird * CEO, FreeUp * CEO, WomenWhoCode * CEO, Tortuga * CEO, NinjaOutreach * CEO, Outpost * CEO, Rype * Customer Support, Kayako * Digital Entrepreneur/Nomad * Freelance Marketer (Digital Nomad) * Freelance Designer (Digital Nomad) * Director, Nomad Capitalist * Director, InMarketingWeTrustDirector of Marketing, Github * Director of Engineering, Toptal * Head of People, Helpscout * Talent Head, Appirio * CFO, Zapier * Director of People, Flexjobs Agenda Items: * Finding remote jobs * Hiring remote teams * Interview process * Onboarding & Transition * Communication * Collaboration * Virtual Meetings * Team building * Culture * Productivity * Performance evaluation * Feedback * Tools & tech stack * Self-management & discipline * Work-life balance * Future of work & organizations Background Story: I & my team of 3 spent the last 3 months putting the whole event together and getting the right set of questions for each of the speakers. There's tons of value for entrepreneurs, freelancers, people managers & those already working remotely. Remember, it's free to attend with an optional upgrade for those who want the lifetime, on-demand access (I still have to eat & pay bills)! Try and attend at least a few sessions and give me your feedback. I'm here all day & will try my best to answer remote-related questions. Ignore typos, I'm running on coffee for the last 36 hours. Cheers!
Vinish Garg
Vinish Garg@vingar · Co-founder @mystippi @ContentHug
Hi Nishchal, this is interesting. I remember we exchanged messages for too. I will look forward to the summit, and then how you plan to scale it. :)
Nishchal Dua
Nishchal DuaMakerHiring@nishchaldua · Product & Growth | Serial Traveler
@vingar Yup and The Remote Life is going great. This summit is a result of my biggest learning that true freedom comes from the ability to have flexible work. Please do attend the summit. The idea is to build it into a knowledge platform that assists organizations go remote & helps people interested in transitioning to a remote job :)
Shashwat Pradhan
Shashwat Pradhan@shashwatpradhan · CEO/Founder @emberify
That is a great lineup, looking forward to participate in it today!
Nishchal Dua
Nishchal DuaMakerHiring@nishchaldua · Product & Growth | Serial Traveler
@shashwatpradhan Thanks Shashwat! Took the team a good 3 months to get all these amazing speakers in place. Let me know what you think of today's sessions!