The Remote Sales Rep's Survival Kit

Top sales tactics & email templates for selling in a crisis

Advice and templates from the team at FoxBound:
#1: Taking Immediate Action to Adapt
#2: Managing Your Mindset
#3: Reshaping Daily Routines
#4: Essential Equipment for Remote Work
#5: Connecting with Customers
#6: Prospecting in a Crisis (Templates Included)
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Hey Everyone - Zach from FoxBound here. Hope you're staying healthy & safe from your remote HQ! πŸ™ So ever since @alex_gonzalez1 and I first started FoxBound, we've been committed to helping sales organizations reach their highest potential. And it's no secret that each of us have lost something, or someone, during the pandemic. The startup ecosystem is no exceptions. With each passing day, there's more and more stories about job loss, stalled pipelines, and mental struggle. Being a fully remote SaaS startup, we quickly decided there's absolutely no room for standing on the sideline. So, we launched a new company initiative called Project ReBound. We first crafted the Remote Sales Survival Kit to serve as the program's centerpiece (you'll also find free tools, curated resources, and more guides on our Project ReBound microsite). Here's a few of many things you'll get in our free Sales Kit: βœ… Methods for quickly winning the battle against fear and anxiety βœ… Actionable ideas for building a new routine from the ground-up βœ… Recommendations to shape your home office into a WFH sanctuary βœ… Tactics for serving customers with a "First Responder Mindset" βœ… Templates & best practices for prospecting in a crisis - the right way βœ… Ideas for building your own "Sales Response" plan There's no telling when this will end. But one thing's for sure, we're all in this fight together. We hope you enjoy the resources. Feel free to share your feedback and let us know if we can help in any way!