The Red Line

Call Republican senators in russian so they'll listen to you

The Red Line is a free voice calling service that allows you to translate messages to Russian, and send them to Republican Senators. The Republican party has shown more loyalty to the Russian government than to the people they represent.

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As the United States Government continues catering to foreign powers, it’s important the American public is heard. Republicans won't listen to their constituents’ grievances, so try a complaint straight from the Kremlin. Using The Red Line is simple. Select a member of the GOP, write your complaint out, and hit call. The Red Line will translate your message and deliver it in the coarse Ruso dialect. With The Red Line, you can let Mitch McConnell know you’d prefer healthcare to a border wall, or ask Leslie Graham what Trump knows that’s got him so scared. We hope you actually enjoy getting politically involved, Stalingrad style, and if you have any questions or comments on this project, we will be here all day to answer them.
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Menachem Pritzker
CEO, TheHomeFixers
This is amazing, well done! I don't understand why the soviet->republican motif though. Democrats are Soviets, Republicans are Putin-style oligarchs. There's literally footage of Bernie Sanders in Moscow singing the Soviet national anthem.
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Has anyone picked up on the other end for you @daniel?
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Looks great, may want to swap out the soviet flag for the russian flag though
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Julia OleJulia Ole, Product Marketing Manager
Отличный продукт, спасибо!