The Real SF Map

See which friends work close by

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Hey Product Hunt Family! Really pumped to share our little hack with you! :) @thejoelau and I built this because we just recently bumped into a couple friends when we walked out of our office and discovered that their startup was literally in the next building. We had wanted a map of where our friends lived / worked all the way back in sophomore year of college when I was doing an internship in Seattle and was trying to figure who lived there that I could hang out with. Finally we just hacked it together - literally a couple minutes after posting it on Fb a friend commented that he worked in the building that looks into the back window of our office and we discovered that a ton of our other friends worked within a two block around us. Hope you enjoy 😃
@nikilster super useful tool. Great job guys!!
@kenneth_shaw @nikilster Thanks Kenneth! Really appreciate it! Hope it helps you discover and hang out with friends who work close by! :)
So many friends work around me. Let's get lunch!
@rickyyean Yea! We're in Soma and within 10 minutes we found out a friend worked in the building right behind us!
This is a really cool, simple map that shows where all of your friends work in the city. It's actually incredible how close all of us are and don't know it. Everyone in their own world!
@eric_conner Oh hey Eric! Yea totally! So easy to not know / forget how close we all are! Speaking of which, I want to come visit you :)
Here's my map:
@rrhoover Nice!! Any cool discoveries of where friends work - seems like you have a good crew by the caltrain? :)
Have randomly bumped into friends after work as we're both going to happy hour, and were shocked that we worked blocks from each other for years and never knew it. Would love to see this available for NYC
@kristofertm We'd love to kick it off in NY - :) We started in SF because that's where all our friends were. Totally resonate with your experience - we actually started building this because we ran into a few friends on the way to Safeway, and we thought to ourselves - "wonder how many other friends work nearby and we just don't know it?" Since we built it, a bunch of people have told us they had no idea they had so many friends close by, and it makes us happy to contribute to facilitating real-life meetups between friends that otherwise may not have happened! It's not that you couldn't find out where your friends work, it's just not readily (and passively) accessible in the format most helpful sometimes.
@thejoelau Exactamundo. Will sing your praises if you get NY off the ground. Also, why no LinkedIn?
@kristofertm Great question! We thought about it initially, since LinkedIn has work information, but didn't for a couple reasons: LinkedIn recently limited developer access to a user's list of connections through the API (this is the big one), people would have to auth with 2 services (more heavyweight), and LinkedIn connections tend to be looser than FB connections.
@thejoelau 10-4. I was looking through FB friends and plenty don't have their company listed. LinkedIn seems like it would help match those, but guess it's not easy when they limit API access ಠ_ಠ
@kristofertm You're dead on - might still be something we try in the future if people ask for it though!