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#3 Product of the DayDecember 26, 2014
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I'm surprised this 1 page site which links only to a Typeform made it past the ProductHunt editors vetting process
@ZacDavies exactly what I was thinking
I'm confused what this is. There's no information, it's just a contact form at present. Who do we get intro'd to?
@_jacksmith You'd get intro'd to other people that apply :)
We all know meeting the right people has changed our lives. Intros as a service... holy crap SV.
@erikfinman Thanks for the hunt Erik!
Awesome idea!
@ryantholmes Thanks! It's a karma machine :D
I agree with @_jacksmith. While the idea is definitely interesting, the current landing page is missing a lot of important information. Before signing up I'd like to know things like: -the types of people I'll be introduced to -the # of people I'll be introduced to -etc. I think the service would be far more beneficial if it let users dictate the type of people they want to be intro'd to as well.
@_jacksmith Serendipity, man! :) But yes, much could be expanded on here.
@_jacksmith @henryboldi I agree on the Serendipity. I kind of like the vagueness.
@_jacksmith @_ryangilbert Good ones, guys. With respect to the founder(s) (??), when you show examples of your superpowers, you get my email. You could... 1. suggest that I auth in with LinkedIn, see who I follow, suggest people with similar skills that I might get an intro to 2. show how your intros are "warmer" and thus tend to lead to meetings, not spam folders some success stories
@_jacksmith @_ryangilbert @osakasaul 1. I think that is a really terrible metric to compare and intro people by, considering a lot of people don't take linkedin seriously 2. I agree that it may be a little much to just give up your email, however knowing Henry, he has neither the time nor the interest to spam your inbox. lol