The Reader Extension

A Chrome extension that makes you read what you save

Have ever bookmarked or saved an item to read later only to be forgotten the next day?

When you bookmark an item on Reader, the items you save will appear when you open a new tab.

Never forget what you save. Because Reader is going to make you read what you save.

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How would you tackle users who won't read the saved articles despite showcasing it to them on every new tab @justruky πŸ˜…
@amrith Good question. I think people save what they believe is good but just forgets them because it says somewhere hidden in a list or a website, but once they see it everyday everytime they will at least take some action to read it. But your point is very valid, I might add a rewarding system for people who do read what they save :)
Great job!! 😊 Looking forward to the reaction of the users on it.
@ayush_chandra me too 😍