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Hey folks, Chelsea and I have been working on a new concept for SoundViz that we're excited to finally share with you. The classic linear sound wave tracks time from left to right. The Radial is a different take on the same concepts, tracking time around a circle. We hope you enjoy it, and as always, if you have any questions, please let us know! https://www.soundviz.com/product... for a 15% discount on your next order! Check out our blog post about The Radial: https://blog.soundviz.com/2016/0...
@tylermdavis this is cool! would love to be to able to combine http://harmogram.com with this :)
@adrianleb @tylermdavis Haven't seen Harmogram before. Cool stuff, thanks for sharing.
Chiming in as a former music law student. Firstly, I love the look of these. Secondly, this a pretty gray area in copyright terms. Publishing a waveform could very well be considered a "derivative work" which is an exclusive right of the copyright holder. But, there's always the assurance that nobody will ever know. :) Well done, Tyler and Chelsea!