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The 15Five Team has been waiting to share one of the most valuable contributors to the success of our culture, the effectiveness of our managers, and the high performance of our employees. That something is a simple but often overlooked tool available to all of us: asking the right questions. And so The Question Queue was born. Since we first launched literally millions of questions have been asked by users of 15Five. Managers at over 1,000 companies ask questions that surface answers on how to improve team performance, work culture, employee growth and morale. We live and breathe employee questions and over the years we have perfected the art of asking them. The Question Queue provides a set of questions from 15Five's Question Bank, based on the team objective you are most focused on. For example if you want the questions that will help you "Unearth Great Ideas" just select that option on The Question Queue and you'll receive a question set designed to spark meaningful conversations that will unearth great ideas. We're pumped to release The Question Queue to help every manager become a great manager. Myself and the other 15Five team members will be on hand and happy to answer any questions you have throughout the day :)
Big fan of 15five. It's a great tool for keeping communication open between direct reports and managers but its only as effective as the questions asked. @iamlukeryan @hollienish @dhassell are there plans to open this up so the whole community of managers can collaborate on questions? I'm imagining something like Product Hunt for Questions using a service like As it stands right now, this seems like content marketing to me, not a product. I only received 5 questions in the email.
Thanks @itsofrischial ! That’s a great idea and definitely something we’re thinking about. Right now we have some great conversations going in a user community ( that we can invite you to ) where people are nominating their favourite questions. We’re also planning on launching a public customer community where we can accomplish this as well, so stay tuned! Right now we are testing to see which topic of questions are most intriguing to people and gathering that data before evolving the product to include more categories and questions. But we need your feedback to do that :) At its core it is a product that provides you with a valuable set of questions in an area of focus important to you. The Question Queue is also partly content marketing, as we aim to support the questions with tips for how to effectively communicate and manage a team. So long as our users are getting value out of that :)