The Q Live Gaming SDK

Add live games like trivia, surveys and more to your app

For media companies and brands who want to engage their audience in a meaningful way, The Q is an interactive platform bringing you customizable games like trivia, surveys and more to supercharge your organization’s mobile experience.
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Hey Product Hunt, please meet The Q's live gaming SDK! The Q's SDK enables developers to add live games to their app and customize experiences directly for their audiences.
@_liso_ Thank you so much for hunting us. Very excited to officially launch our SDK to the public to bring live interactive experiences to publishers and brands owned and operated properties across the world. This functionality has been the #1 request from brands and media orgs we have worked with this past year. Endless hours of hard work have been put into this by our engineering team and can’t wait to keep innovating in the space of interactive entertainment!
@_liso_ @willjamieson93 Does your SDK contain functionality for staging a TOS violation so you can illegitimately withhold money from your legitimate winners like your app does?
This is awesome - love the SDK twist! Can't wait to see more companies use The Q.
That is really helpful, I will share it to my friends and of course, I gona find it to try
love this!
this is brilliant, essentially it renders any other trivia app useless because it allows any platform to utilize its unique ecosystem and pair it with this particular form of entertainment, and they also offer different types of trivia games that are way more fun and creative than other trivia apps like HQ