The Q Kit

Embed HQ Trivia style gaming directly on your website

The Q is an interactive gaming platform bringing you customizable games like trivia, sports predictor games and more. Allowing brands and media companies to embed HQ trivia-style experience directly onto their existing web pages.
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12 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for hunting us @15greenberg! Since launching The Q in 2018 as a consumer app we saw first hand the power of live interactive video and how it captures the undivided attention of an audience for an extended period of time and believe this as the future of live content. We decided to make the shift to a B2B model quickly after launch, because we believed this format was even more powerful when embedded within properties that have an existing audience through a mobile SDK. The latest release of our web platform enables much more flexibility & ease of use for our partners allowing them to drop it into existing properties with a single line of code. The platform gives our partners the ability to run a wide variety of interactive formats from talk shows, to free to play sports predictors games, trivia and more. Happy to answer any questions you all might have and excited to be featured on PH.
The Q brings trivia direct to your website, it’s a fun and engaging product that can be tailored to suit a specific audience. The Q’s ‘Mail+ Trivia Live’ is so much fun to be a part of and I’m in awe of the players trivia knowledge!
Super interesting tool for publishers like Buzzfeed. Congrats on the lunch!
Seeing the Q innovate at every step of the road is awesome @willjamieson93. Big fan! I could see a lot of innovative use cases for this. Needs to be on HackerNews!
Big fan of @willjamieson93 - been keeping tabs on The Q for a while. Big leap with B2B model - exciting times!