The Q

A live trivia SDK by the founder of Yik Yak

For media companies and brands who want to engage their audience in a meaningful way, The Q is an interactive platform bringing you customizable games like trivia, surveys and more to supercharge your organization’s mobile experience.

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A few days ago @alyssabereznak wrote about The Q in The Ringer, a unapologetic copy of HQ down to the name. Of course, this was inevitable and expect to see several spin offs surface across different verticals. Today a sports focused "HQ" launched called G.O.A.T (unrelated to LL Cool J, the sneaker app, or my favorite Twitter account). We'll start saving them in this "HQ for X" collection.
@alyssabereznak @rrhoover Ryan thanks for the love! We are working on combining and the first and second screen experience leveraging our core video stack that has powered some of the largest live events out there. Exciting times no doubt. Our goal is to bring an interactive video experience to every person with a smartphone.
@alyssabereznak @rrhoover The Google Play store link is not working.
@alyssabereznak @rrhoover @keyul Google just made a mistake and removed it for "impersonating" another app copying us. Prolly one of their bots just making the decision. Any help to get this resolved greatly appreciated. Went through normal appeal channels but doubt that will get answered in time.
@keyul Sorry about the inconvenience there, but Google Play was awesome and helped us out with a quicker-than-expected resolution. The listing is back up now.
@jmar777 yeah. I can access now. Thank You.
Thanks for the hunt, @rrhoover! This was a *quick* push to market on this one, and we're amazed at the community response on this so far. Apologies to @andrewjb44 and others who are experiencing some early glitches, too. The infrastructure we're building on top of is part of a more mature, battle-proven platform for video distribution, but we're definitely new to video production, and the client apps came together rather quickly. While we believe in "release early, release often", we also want to respect all of our beta testers' time, so we're iterating as quick as we can to smooth out the rough edges and improve the overall user experience. Aside from squashing bugs, we've got some fun differentiating features in the works, including alternate game modes, and we'll be running our first ever theme round (Star Wars!) at 6:00 ET tonight. If anyone else has feedback or suggestions, please hit me up!
I’m fine with clones, but I found there app always freeze on me during a game. Tried to play 5 times and never gotten past question two without app freezing.
@andrewjb44 Working on it daily! Was my first time coding since the Yik Yak days which lead to a few kinks that are getting worked out. A-team is on it now though mad improvements coming soon (hopefully today pending Apple) and the video stack behind this will allow it to scale to the moon.
@willjamieson93 Thanks for the response Will. I understand growing pains, and hope you are able to improve your ability to support users. I would also like to see you add to the game experience to differentiate yourself from HQ. It's not going to be easy and the comparisons will be never ending. Good luck!!
I haven’t played because I don’t want it to connect to my facebook account.