The Purpose Hotel

Change the world in your sleep.

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Seth Williams
Designer, Product Hunt
I’d like to introduce you to The Purpose Hotel, run by my friend Jeremy Cowart. Jeremy has been a true inspiration to me and many others in the way he loves others through his incredibly creative photography and organizations. He is one of those rare breeds that is actually chasing a dream, and changing the world at the same time. Jeremy has had a dream to open a hotel that will love on and change the world while people sleep, and today that dream becomes a beautiful reality. Check out The Purpose Hotel Kickstarter campaign and help spread the word. This is a truly special and powerful force in a world that needs some serious light and love right now. Jeremy, I’m proud of you brother!
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Dhruba AdhikariProduct Director, Picovico
@sethbwilliams Its not a small thing to do. But if this succeeds, it won't be just an idea but has the potential to be a wave. All good wishes to the first purpose hotel and those to be built in the future.
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Helen Crozier
technology mentor
The video gave me goosebumps. I hope Jeremy will bring this concept to Australia. Have gone off hotels since Airbnb but this is at a totally different level. I don't want to stay in the Purpose Hotel I want to live in it 😄 I'll be backing and sharing.
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Branden HarveyFounder, Goodnewspaper
I've been a huge fan of Jeremy's photography, humanitarian and entrepreneurial work for a long time and I'm proud to call him a friend. This project, I believe, is Jeremy at his best. Passion meets design meets innovation meets creativity. Just backed on Kickstarter.
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