The Project Management Starter Guide

Learn the basics of project management without the jargon

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In over your head with details and deliverables? You may be a project manager and not even know it... Hey everyone, this is Josh from Workzone, a project management software company. We've found from a lot of our users that they are experts in something else--like product development or marketing--but have found themselves taking on and leading projects. Lots of successful agency leaders, marketing directors, IT specialists and more feel like a little overwhelmed with project details and running teams to finish their projects on time. This guide is to help managers who may be experienced in another field but are in charge of running projects. In this guide, you'll get the quick basics of project management in a really accessible way, without the hard jargon of a PMP certification. Take a look and let me know if you have any questions!
Is this more like a 15 page eBook or how in depth does this go?
@vincemagaline Over 50 pages--trying to strike a balance between in-depth but accessible Thanks for checking it out!