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NOW AVAILABLE AT PRODUCTHUNTBOOK.COM (had to be removed from Payhip in order to join KDP Select) We all know that Product Hunt is the place to launch your startup, but it can be hard to tell why or how a product shoots up the charts. In this ebook I show you how to maximize your performance on Product Hunt by leveraging your network. I’m a long-time user, a big fan of the Product Hunt community, and an avid Hunter. I’m hosting the Central Florida meet-up on Feb 20th (Please come!) Ryan also named me as one of the 30 Hunters with the highest quality hunts in his "2014 in Numbers” Medium post. I’ve tried to simplify the process of rising up the Product Hunt rankings by dividing this ebook into two parts—an explanatory section that goes into theory, and a 15-page workbook, that will help you prepare for your day in the spotlight. There is a sample Chapter to view—I’ve included 4 pages from the workbook, and I think you’ll find them helpful even if you don’t buy the book, so please enjoy. But if you are thinking about buying it, I’d urge you to do so in the next two days, while the Hunter discount code is live. I’ll be watching this feed carefully today, so please let me know if you have any questions!
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@kikischirr Congrats on your launch, Kiki!
@stttories Thanks, Tori! I'm really enjoying the feedback. :D
@kikischirr This is awesome, I will definitely be look at this with my team. Congrats on a hunt that's killin it today, Kiki!
@adammarx13 Thank you, Adam! :D
@kikischirr nice work Kiki. Florida represent!
This is proof that similar concepts can be born at the same time, but executed differently. Great job @kikischirr!
@dylanfeltus Thanks, Dylan! I saw @mijustin's post and was crest-fallen (because I'd already finished my second draft!) but luckily I had some wonderful friends encourage me to continue...!
I've read it. Should help people get a better understanding of how to launch a product on PH. Glad you put this together @kikischirr
@erictwillis Thank you, Eric! I appreciate you reading it!
Bought it, read it, loved it. I got great value out of it (and will definitely be using the workbook for any future launches that involve ProductHunt). You can't go wrong with this book, especially for that price. Bargain. Great job, @kikischirr.
Just bought it, look forward to reading. Was also first time using @Payhip to purchase was good experience
I've been really impressed with @Payhip, Robert--it's completely seamless and easy-to-use! I found it through this wonderful HongKiat article: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/sel... @robertwilliger
@robertwilliger One of the founders of @Payhip here. Thank you both for the kind words and I'm really happy you're using us @kikischirr! We were actually on product hunt just 11 days ago too! :-)
@robertwilliger @Payhip @absfarah I'll track you down and vote! Sorry I missed you the first time around!
@Payhip @kikischirr @absfarah yes, I did see on Product Hunt and did up vote :) after purchasing on it, and hoping to launch my own products soon what I think is really nice is the social features built in.
@robertwilliger @Payhip @kikischirr @absfarah Must say, an awesome product building around the payment industry.