The Pricing Workbook

Workbook for how to price your products and services

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Brian Kaplan
Brian KaplanHunter@briankaplan · VP Marketing, Tim McGraw
Full disclosure: this is my incredibly amazing wife's new e-workbook and spreadsheets (product).. I truly believe this is a fantastic tool for all creative entrepreneurs and freelancers and I couldn't be more proud of her for putting this together. Hopefully she'll join here and give you a little explanation and insight.
Kristin Kaplan
Kristin KaplanMaker@kristinckaplan · Pricing & Biz Strategist for Creatives
Thanks so much for all the votes! I created The Pricing Workbook to help creative entrepreneurs plan out a more profitable pricing strategy. So many creatives only focus on the creative aspect of their work and neglect crucial steps in planning their business. I noticed a trend of creatives undercharging for their work and set about to help by creating an easy to follow pricing guide that includes all the steps and formulas needed to price their services and products. I also created a bundle of simple-to-use spreadsheets to make the math easy too! Would love your thoughts.
Oliver Muoto
Oliver Muoto@muoto · Metablocks
Great idea