The Pool

Interesting, inspiring, original content for busy women

We broadcast throughout the day (and night!), making sure our output is relevant to where you and what you're doing. You'll find everything from people and politics to film, fashion and food. We work with a select group of brand partners to make some of our unique content, which is always clearly marked. We're positive and honest online allies.

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Three articles delivered daily via email, all sorted by how much time you have to read - from 30 seconds per piece to long-form. Thus far, the content is more culture and lifestyle focused, primarily toward the UK woman (where The Pool is based) but liking the editorial view thus far. Content is sorted by cards (tip @jordancooper and @ryandawidjan) to make browsing information super easy. Hopefully we can get founders @laurenlaverne and @SamBaker to jump in here. I'd love to know why they started it and why email is their focus.
Is this model the future of content/content delivery? At what point do we become oversaturated with inbox fatigue and how do the best newsletters rise to the top?
Hi, Email isn't really the focus. Today in 3 is just the driver that creates a daily habit. It drops everyday at 8am and is the 'nudge' to get our user to check in. The real focus is the timed content drops. We 'broadcast' content throughout the day at prescribed times, based on where women (mainly) are, what device they're on (that's why we created our platform mobile first) and where their heads are at (for want of a better way of putting it). We also tell them how much of their precious time it will take up, so they're like 'you know, I think I can spare three minutes...' We wanted to break through that deluge of content on the internet and just deliver a few pieces of high quality, highly edited, original content throughout the day, targeted specifically to our audience.
I am not convinced this has any staying power. Email is fine, but sorta shows target audience is skewed older. No one doing their due diligence would make this for the millennial. No way to monetize except through ads, and those only work at scale.