The Polaroid Lab

Turn your smartphone photos into polaroids

This October, transform your digital photos into real Polaroid pictures with the all new Polaroid Lab. Sign up to our newsletter to get your hands on one first, plus 10% off your order.
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Wish it was a little more portable but I like the novelty of it and the nostalgia.
@aaronoleary They, Polaroid, makes one. It's called the Mint Printer, and it is wireless. This just have better marketing...
Super interested in getting this. I wonder how much the consumables will be...
Great idea! but I agree more portable version would be awesome.
How much will the film cost?
@e_b_rosner 16€ for 8 films (colour or bw)
@darthpelo 8 films? Is that 8 photos?
@darthpelo and that is why it will fail...Who is going to pay $2 for a photo..