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Thanks for hunting @williamchanner! I have listened to more than 1,200 podcasts over the last 3 years. I made The Podcast Wire because I wanted a better way to remember the best learnings, and a way to find out about great episodes / shows I hadn't heard of yet. Would love any feedback or questions!
Also check out @nwquah's Hot Pod. What other podcast-focused newsletters are there?
@rrhoover +1 for Hot Pod and @nwquah! As for more podcast newsletters, here goes.... • The Audio Signal from Dana Gerber-Margie - • Adolescence is a marketing tool from Sara Weber - • YSLTF (aka 'You Should Listen To' Friday) from Sam Greenspan (99% Invisible Producer) - • WNYC Hodgepod - No doubt there's others but these are a start!
@lexkon great list! Thanks, Alex.
Great newsletter by Erik. Super consistent. Example of newsletter
@williamchanner - Hey Will, are newsletter still the best way to push out this type of content - I have a bunch of friends my age and younger that will refuse to subscribe to anything email related . . . . Its why we created Blastchat . . . . am I wrong, you have any info on this bro?
I've been subscribed to the Podcast Wire for a bit now and I've found that it saves me a boatload of time both in helping me decide which episodes deserve an hour (sometimes more) of my time and in providing me a quick reference for high level points and links from the shows I have listened to. If you listen to podcasts, this is pure gold.
I've been a subscriber since the beginning and they are fantastic. You get the key points, highlights, links, and summaries from some of the top startup podcasts each week. I'm a big podcast subscriber, but with limited listening time I miss a ton of great stuff. The Podcast Wire keeps me up to date. If you listen to startup podcasts, this is a great newsletter for you.