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Jason Evanish
Jason Evanish@evanish · CEO for managers
I don't know why but that page overwhelms and intimidates me. I'm sure there's great content but boy does it make product management feel heavyweight.
Alex Mandel
Alex Mandel@alexmandel6 · Design Intern, Cooper Design
I totally agree. It is at the top of my list to overhaul in my next iteration. My thinking behind this design was: I wanted a design that really focused on the content and maintained the structure of the design process in the layout of the page. I also wanted to show all of the different worksheets at once so that people were able to quickly scan between different stages in the process, rather than getting pigeonholed in one of the stages and forgetting how they link together. This approach unavoidably made the page cluttered and a bit overwhelming as you pointed out. Fading all the columns that aren't currently hovered over was my compromise to reduce the extra noise, but I agree that wasn't enough. Let me know if you have any thoughts/ideas/comments on how to improve the UX of the website or of the toolkit in general! Thanks for your feedback.
Jason Evanish
Jason Evanish@evanish · CEO for managers
@AlexMandel6 I think if you just take the top icons and only have it be them plus a phrase describing the parts that go into it would really lighten it up. I would then challenge you on if you can come up with some images to make each step's parts have more flair. You could just write Build-Measure-Learn for Lean Startups, but everyone remembers them in a circle pointing to each other. Happy to talk more about it if you'd like. Hit me up on twitter @Evanish