The Placemeter Sensor

Count people, bikes, & cars in real-time. Now shipping.

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Hi guys, I'm the Founder & CEO of Placemeter. So excited to start shipping the Placemeter Sensor! Our sensor measures pedestrian, vehicle, and bicycle traffic in real-time. Installation takes 5 minutes, and is easy: all you need to do is stick it on your window and orient the sensor toward what you want to measure. People, bikes, and vehicles create millions of data points on every street, every day. The Placemeter Sensor allows you to access and make sense of all that information. Can't wait to hear what you think, I'll be here all day to answer any question!
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@awinter Looks like a great solution! What is the max range of the sensor? Can it measure large crowds?
@ryanshook @awinter Hy Ryan! Well it depends what you want to measure :) For pedestrians or bicycles we recommend top of 2nd floor max, 30-40 feet. For vehicles you can go higher up and further away. If you want to measure at a longer range, we also offer off the shelf cameras that stream video to our backend and we process them in our cloud.
Whoever is the first to integrate this into an app that tells you the queues for pubs, bars and venues will make a lot of money.
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@gpat_uk that's a great idea and one that drove the initial spark for what Placemeter's become today. Though we're more of a data platform these days, I'd LOVE to see someone create this. We have an API and plenty of support on our end for it to happen.
@davidfine @gpat_uk Apps like uCiC might benefit from an integration with this sensor: Cool concept and congratulations on the launch!
I like that product Google Analytics for the real world
We'll finally be able to make retail more data-driven. Congrats guys!
@clementdelangue Thanks Clement! Very exciting indeed!
Hey @awinter! Is your sensor compatible with Weave or Eddystone? I can imagine a world where shopkeepers would potentially allow opted-in devices to receive different retail experiences upon detection of that device in proximity of the store. I guess that is moving a bit away from your original intent, or maybe not?
@rajamatage Great point! We focus on counting and measuring activity without identifying anyone or any device, so we typically don't connect directly with Eddystone or other beacon systems. Weave on the other hand could be very useful and we'll definitely look at it! Thanks!