The Placemeter Sensor

Quantify your city's movement, anywhere

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Hi everyone, let me know if you have any questions or thoughts. Excited to be here!
Making the city come alive with the data. Love it.
good stuff!
Is the idea here to crowd source the sensor implementation with the goal of a global interactive data set that's accessible to everyone ( I'm thinking of global AIS aggregation like OR for me to have a sensor and an individual analytics suite around my property/neigbourhood? I love the idea of global aggregate data provided by enthusiasts and hobbyist, the value proposition for the individual is to be a contributor to a global data-set. I might be misinterpreting your application, but that idea excites me in general.
@ryanmarr Hi Ryan, thanks for the great question. Today we're focused on delivering a unique service directly to a customer who wants to collect such data for a business or research reason. It is in our future plans to enable everyone to pull data without contributing. Today, we do this ad-hoc for academic use cases, but opening up our data network for free and paid query is a big part of our vision.
@jonlee108 I really like what you are building with Placemeter and also your long term vision. If you can share, I would be curious to know what has been the adoption rate among City Agencies. I would suggest you to check/get in touch with Citymart "Citymart sources the most inspiring solutions for urban and social challenges in global cities, providing a knowledge resource to enable smarter decisions".
@robertoscaccia We’re finding that innovative agencies from cities big and small are hungry for this kind of data. Transportation agencies regularly contract pedestrian and vehicle counts, parks departments measure how people use public spaces, and economic development agencies track commercial activity in business districts. A real-time automated system like ours allows them to perform long-term large-scale projects that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.