The Pizza Button

Simple online pizza ordering. Local favorites + white-label.

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Doesn't this make you feel a little bit bad? Like full-on copying the kids that launched a couple weeks ago? Or has this been in the works longer? If so, how did the kids beat you?
@clarklab I registered this domain in 2012, and meant to launch months ago, but ran out of money for a while.
@clarklab regardless if this app is a clone, people copy all the time. one of the dangers of launching a super simple, single purpose app is that it's very easy to copy / release in no time.
@mulligan I know things are in danger of being copied, I was just curious to hear from the guy doing the copying. Even with an older domain, I'm guessing he saw "Push For Pizza" launch recently to decent press and doubled back to throw something together. @jfeldstein how long til I can order a pizza with the app? @all sorry if it seems like I'm being dense, I'm just honestly curious about the "me too" apps I keep seeing pop up.
@clarklab Fair enough. My app was in development, and was planned to launch around this time, long before I saw anyone else with similar businesses. Truth be told, I was a little upset they stole my thunder, but it's okay. The Push For Pizza guys are smart. They get where it's going. Can't wait to compete more. Can't say anything about copy cat apps, other than it happens. Best way to compete is to not do it, and keep pushing the envelope with your own creative ideas. App will be live < 3 weeks. Peep the contest to get alerted:
@clarklab I can confirm that @jfeldstein has been working on this for years. I *hate* me-too apps as well, and although the other ones launched a few weeks ago, this one is definitely no clone.
Hi, all. Founder here. Please ask any questions, I'll be here to respond. PS. We're looking for technical and marketing interns for this. If you'd like to hack on a project together, hit me up!