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Almost a million free images at your fingertips - anywhere!

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Pixabay, the stock photo service with over 850,000 free images got 2200+ upvotes (!) when I posted them 3 months ago: now they're back with a new Android and iPhone app. To bring you free stock photos on mobile.
I have used a lot of stock photo apps, but none of them has come close to the fluidity of Pixabay. Nice build, @_jacksmith 👌🏾
Hey everyone! We proudly announce the release of our official Pixabay mobile app for Android and iOS - almost one million quality CC0 image at your fingertips, anywhere you go! Some key features of the app: * The app is completely free with no distracting ads * Blazingly fast search and a user-friendly interface * Swipe through search results * One-click image viewer - optimized with zooming and panning for smaller screens * Directly download and share images in all sizes * Messages and comments allow you to connect with others * Images can be liked, favorited, and easily managed within the app * Show tags and camera info for all images More features, including direct image uploads and support for Pixabay Videos (, are in development :-) Read more in our blog: Get the app on iTunes for iOS: And on Google Play store for Android: We'd love to hear what you think! :) Simon, Co-founder of
@simonsteinbgr Wow! Brilliant and beautiful images - smooth and fast app ☺❤
I love the website! Handcrafted in Germany! Really great to see here some 'neigbours' 🇩🇪 Now I can search during train drive for some pics for blog posts. The app is really great and image focused crafted.
@_stritti_ Yep! Thanks for your kind words!
Use to use the web version. Thank you for the app
@odabashianr Thanks, great that you like Pixabay!
Would love to know the stack behind how you made search so incredibly fast. Great job!
@steve1215 We use Elasticsearch as our search backend. An optimized image sizes for each use case.