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I remember one of the Yahoo execs at a dev conference discussing the "boredom" issue with email. That people pull down on their inbox to see if there are new emails because they're bored. I think there is an opportunity in all of those "show me something new" moments. BTW, your logo with the play button overlaid looks like it's called "The Bitch"
Thanks for posting this @erictwillis !! 👊 Super excited to bring you the latest episode of The Pitch! Let us know what you think of this episode or the show in general! We're all ears. Personally, I'd invest in Havenly. They are getting a lot of things right and I think the market is huge. I'm especially interested in the idea of marketing to people when they are bored! That's crazy. Super curious to hear more about how they do it from a marketing perspective. 😏 Care to elaborate @ellemot?