The Pitch - Ep 18: Intricately

With Ryan McIntyre, Michael Cardamone & Andrea Barrica

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Had a blast presenting to the Pitch Team! Thanks @joshmuccio, @pitdesi, @abarrica, @ryan_mcintyre, @mgcardamone.
Great episode. Be sure to listen for the feedback from @abarrica at the very end. Thanks to @fimaleshinsky and @mrpollack for coming on to pitch, and to @ryan_mcintyre / @mgcardamone / @abarrica for making all this possible.
Thanks for having me, @joshmuccio! Fun times with founders @fimaleshinsky @mrpollack and investors @ryan_mcintyre @mgcardamone.
@joshmuccio @abarrica @fimaleshinsky @mrpollack @ryan_mcintyre @mgcardamone Great episode! Wednesday has really become "Pitch Day" for me. I loved hearing @abarrica breakdown at the end.
Live pitching is great for both founders and investors to hear. Better questions from investors, better answers by founders, and all the subtleties in between that mold the climate of these important meetings. @fimaleshinsky and @mrpollack were fun to chat with, and definitely want to learn more from @mgcardamone & @ryan_mcintyre. Thanks @joshmuccio and @pitdesi for inviting me on. Can't wait to be back.
@abarrica heck yeah! We'd love to have you on again. Maybe we'll even do an entire episode on how to pitch... 😮