Great episode! Thanks @felipeacosta & @imchristiepitts for coming on the show 👏🇵🇹 This is a space that I don't pretend to fully understand, but what I do know is when it comes to managing people, having accountability measures in place tends to keep everyone feeling protected and in control. Especially in industries where people have rigorous maintenances schedules in order to keep equipment running smoothly. This is one of those duh-we-should-use-technology moments that seem obvious in retrospect. Having said that, Felipe and the team at Infraspeak have a big challenge ahead as they go up against bohemoths like IBM/SAP/Microsoft that rule this space currently. @pitdesi mentions this briefly in the episode, but it really comes down to how good the team can become at sales. Since the product itself is very basic, a robust sales team (and first mover advantage?) may be the key to differentiation. Favorite snippet... "Hotels have an average of 80 failures per day. They are fixing a lot of stuff because they're not doing the preventative maintenance right... [but] It's not just hotels, the market for this is so huge that it's difficult to measure. If I had to guess, I'd say the market size is in the Trillions."
@joshmuccio @pitdesi @felipeacosta Thank you so much for having me on this episode! It was so fun!