The Pitch - 14: Phenom

Brian Verne pitches to investors Alex Mittal & Peter Kazanjy

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First we recorded this episode live on Blab (watch the rerun here then we turned it into an episode with @bmverne pitching his social app ( to investors @mittal & @Kazanjy. Overall it was a great experience doing it on Blab. Although the production work behind the scenes was ridiculous! If you listen to the episode compared to the original live broadcast, it's like night and day. Completely reworked the panel to make it work for the podcast. Needless to say, I'm curious what you think. cc @pitdesi
Brian and his partner, Mike, and team are relentless. So proud that they represent the CLE now that they're out west... (for now ;-) )
@belsito Thanks for the intro to Brian BTW :) Forgot to tell you that @pitdesi knew @bmverne. But it was your email that sparked the idea to have Phenom on!
@joshmuccio @pitdesi @bmverne Awesome! Yeah, Brian told me afterwards that he's had a chance to get to know @pitdesi -- which is awesome. But I'm glad that my email sparked that idea!! :-)
Always enjoy The Pitch
@parkerwoodward Thanks so much Parker! 😊 I'm honored.
This show is sweet! Great episode. Like the Blab version as well.
@philmartie Thanks Phil! I personally don't like show's that ramble on (partially why I spend so much time making the podcast episodes as high quality and concise as possible). So I can't stand most Blabs. Even our blab was 45 minutes and the final audio episode was 28 minutes. I'm curious what it is about the Blab version that you like. I'm honestly somewhat embarrassed to have an unpolished version of the show live for the world to see. Doesn't feel like our best foot forward yunno? Help me understand the value of it. We're considering only doing the show on Blab live, and then not making it playable after the fact.
@joshmuccio I'm the same with what I do at megadisrupter: self-conscious if I or guests don't nail it by using the most powerful, concise statements, keep it really tight, etc. But when I thought about your question, I realized that I listened first and then watched it on blab; so I think it made a great companion piece. By the time I saw the blab piece, I had already heard the tight version and liked it, and was just looking for more, spefically what the pitchers and pitchees looked like, their facial expressions during some of their questions and answers, etc. It's analogous to the commentary in the extras section of a DVD. I suspect you're right in that if you did blab only, you may lose some people who are used to production value.
@philmartie very interesting! That actually makes sense to me. Was it interesting enough on Blab to watch the whole way through? Just curious. Haven't thought about this use case before. Just uploaded the Blab to YouTube as well Checking out megadisrupter as well 😄
@joshmuccio I watched a significant amount of it, and hopped around a little. But I rarely watch videos for more than 5 min. So grading on a curve, the answer is yes.
@joshmuccio - I've enjoyed The Pitch from the first episode and honestly, I liked it far better back when investor feedback was asynchronous, it felt like it gave you guys more editorial control over the story. Listening to founders and investors in a live exchange can be interesting, but it inadvertently just turns into this segment that feels like it has has no structure, the story doesn't feel like it's going anywhere.