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Thx @erictwillis ๐Ÿ‘Š Stoked to be on Product Hunt! We've created The Pitch because we believe it should exist. The world of venture capital is becoming more transparent (less scary) as a result of people like @paulg, and we'd like to help continue this trend with The Pitch. The Pitch takes listeners behind the scenes to hear actual pitches from founders AND responses from investors. It's a collaborative effort that we hope will both entertain and educate. If you want to hear the story behind The Pitch, be sure to listen to episode 1 titled, Why The Pitch. Honored to have @DaveMcClure @mahendra_gr @thefullratchet @jheltzer @ceonyc on our show as the first panel members. You guys are the best! Ask me (or @pitdesi) anything you'd like about podcasting, VC, startups, or something random! I'm game. [edit] TNW just wrote about us & @BetaList wrote our story on Medium
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@joshmuccio Wahoo! glad to see this up here :) enjoyed the first episode and can't wait for it to evolve. Great work to you and the team!
@joshmuccio Great stuff! Looking forward to this. Love The Pitch's logo, too. Is it a custom font?
@cliffdailey @joshmuccio Yes! You'll have to ask @imcatnoone what the font is. She did all our design work and I couldn't be happier.
Love the concept, @joshmuccio and @pitdesi. What 3 investors would you most want to join you on the show? I'd love to see @Jason, @mazzeo, and @snoopdogg.
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@rrhoover GREAT question. I'd love to have @sacca and @mcuban, but lets take them out of consideration because of Shark Tank. I never would have thought of @snoopdogg, but he would be AMAZING! Other than @snoopdogg I'd say @pmarca and @peterthiel would be at the top of my list. I respect them as founders and investors and they always have something interesting to say. If anyone can make it happen please drop us a line - we're always looking for great guests!
@rrhoover Another good investor to hear from would be @sacca
@rrhoover All of the above that @pitdesi mentioned. But I'll raise you an @alexisohanian, @hnshah, @bfeld & @hunterwalk. ๐Ÿ˜œ The cool thing about being on The Pitch as a panel investor, is you can do the whole thing remotely, on your own time, AND you can record on your phone. We make the process super easy for investors because we KNOW how valuable their time is.
@rrhoover let's add Nasty @Nas to the list - I know he's invested in a lot of startups to date - many I'm sure weren't as successful as anticipated and thus he may have a really fantastic non-VC POV or insights to share. (And @joshmuccio - if you book Nas, please let me be a guest on that episode ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’)
The Pitch is a podcast where founders pitch to investors and get live feedback. It will remind you of Sharktank but with a podcast. @joshmuccio and @pitdesi are the co-founders and it's a really great production that I'm sure you'll love. After listening to the first podcast and listening to raw product feedback from @DaveMcClure, I was hooked. You'll also hear investors like @ceonyc (VC at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures) evaluate product pitches and you'll get a better understanding of why they would (or would not) want to invest in a company. It feels like you're sitting right there in the room for a startup pitch! I'm really interested to see where the team takes this. Awesome work!
@erictwillis Thanks for posting us Eric! You've been a huge help getting this project off the ground. Oh, and so has the legendary @bramk and my favorite British podcaster, @harrystebbings
Nice work Josh, this is awesome, I am really excited to see all the support for startups these days I feel like we are all turning a huge cornerstone in the industry. Keep it up dude!
@koridhandy Thanks Kori! Super excited about the future of The Pitch ( and Founderfox.
This is awesome. Great work guys.
@meshlakhani Thanks Mesh! If you have any ideas for how we can improve the show, we're all ears.