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I like the branding. :) @shapingthepage how do you choose which books to feature?
@rrhoover Thanks. :) Besides falling into the category of design, technology, or business, I pretty much just use my gut that a book is worth listing on the site. I suppose some of that is affected by the author's reputation, who's talking about the book, the uniqueness of the topic, etc. But if the book looks spammy, full of fluff, or that it only exists to promote another product, I'll pass.
Hey, thanks for the post @BlendahTom! I have some additional features in the works for The Pipe, just wanted to see if it gained any traction first. It has. Open to any feature ideas folks might have that could help The Pipe grow. Thanks!
@shapingthepage Tell us about the inception of the product from idea to building it?
@BlendahTom I had been collecting my own list of self-published books that I'd run into from day to day. Some of them I'd buy and read. Others I'd bookmark for a rainy day. After the list grew to a decent length I thought others might find it useful. So a couple weekends ago I used the list as an excuse to have some fun with branding and design, and built the site on a Saturday and Sunday, and launched it on Monday. Since then I've been a bit overwhelmed with the number of book suggestions that have come in. There's quite the queue of books waiting to be added to the site. I'm trying to be picky, making sure each book is worth recommending. But if the site keeps gaining traction I might need to take more of a community approach similar to Product Hunt, just to keep up. We'll see!
@shapingthepage I'll have to think about feature ideas to help the site grow specifically, but I just wanted to say I like the idea and will start checking the books out. The first few features that came to mind would be like Good Reads type features, if I could create a profile and save books that I "want to read" and have read -- maybe add some simple ratings, this could maybe also help for growth with people sharing their profile or high profile users who I might want to follow to see which books they've read or recommend. I've been checking out some other book discovery products on PH too -- Bookvibe (http://producthunt.com/posts/boo...) that mines your Twitter feed for book recommendations. Not sure how it's helped them but they seem to use that some concept of being able to add books to track your reading queue. Like @alirtariq my Amazon Wishlist and Good Reads list has gotten longer than I can keep up with but I'm open to another way to add quality items to my list.
@NathanSudds Hey, thanks for the ideas Nathan. Good stuff! Yeah, adding accounts to the site could open up a whole new layer features and usefulness. We'll see where it goes. :)
@shapingthepage No problem -- I'll think more as I'm browsing, already found a couple books I didn't know about that I'd like to add to that list ;) I added them to Pocket for now instead if they weren't in GoodReads. Knowing who's using the site and what types of books they are "saving" might be good for partnerships with authors too, who knows what could develop on that side of things for assisted launching books via the pipe to a targeted community. Either way I look forward to see how this grows.
@shapingthepage super neat. what's the response from authors/publishers? will be excited to follow :)
@eriktorenberg Thanks. Plenty of nice emails from authors digging the site. Good crowd of people. Brainstorming some ways the site can do more to help authors promote their work. We'll see where it goes.
Really love this concept by @shapingthepage. Let's see if he can jump in and answer some questions.
This is great - I've recently just been buying books by browsing LeanPub; this works way better though.