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Give your team exclusive perks and experiences they are excited to use!
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Have recommended The Perk to several people looking to improve employee retention and moral and will continue to do so!


Easy to use dashboard, ability to group employees and reward for both years of service and meeting company goals.



Working in enterprise sales and managing a sales team I started to notice that I was spending a lot of time, energy, and money rewarding my sales staff with gift cards etc. Our company also surprised every employee and gave them $1,000 as a thank you for working there. However, when I talked with my staff 4 weeks later only one individual could tell me how they had used that $1,000. I realized that the value that intended for the employees was never actually received by the employees. Therefore putting a card in your employee's wallets reminds them daily that you care and value them, as well as, letting them pick their perks instead of having a mountain of Starbucks cards.

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It is simple to use


Haven't found any problems

A great company that will revolutionize the way companies reward employees.


Provides access to benefits that employees want/will use


Excited to see how this grows!

What a fantastic concept! This will revolutionize the way employers can reward their team. Happy employees create a productive, loyal staff that stays for the long haul.