The Perfect Grid is an ebook about how to grow your audience and build a personal brand online.

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Hello Product Hunt! Excited to share my very first product with you today! For me as a designer, the most important thing is to create great work. The second thing—which comes right after that—is to make sure a great work is seen. That’s why I have invested quite a lot of time into self-promotion in the past years and built a habit of documenting and sharing my work to attract new opportunities and connections. Instagram turned out to be one of the most powerful tools to help me with that lately, and I have decided to write a whole ebook about it. Written with creatives of all types and backgrounds in mind, The Perfect Grid covers the crucial aspects of the self-promotion process in six easy and actionable chapters: Get Inspired, Find Your Audience, Create Great Content, Develop Your Style, Build Effective Habits and Grow Your Audience. It’s a straightforward guide that encourages designers and creatives to share their work and lifestyle with as many people as possible. I want to share the knowledge and help others similarly use Instagram as I do. Why? Because I believe in collaboration (not competition) and I think everyone deserves a chance to step up their game (or career). What’s inside: - 6 chapters (~10-14 min each) - Reads like a story - Constructive tips for both individuals and teams - Available in PDF and ePUB Free extras (included in the package): - List of popular hashtags to use for your posts - List of popular influencers to connect with - VSCO Guide to help you edit your photos - Free email updates with additional content (1 email per week) I’m also attaching an exclusive coupon code: Use “producthunt” promo code to get 20% off. (Merry Christmas!) - Check out the website for more info - - Direct Gumroad link - Ready for any follow-ups or questions. Will reply as fast as I can (based in CET timezone).
@alesnesetril Tangent question, but as a designer, do you get as much enjoyment from putting together a guide on expertise like this as you do from actually *designing*? I know a lot of it is all a similar process, but I often find the logistical side of design much more dragging than the actual creative side. Wondering where your motivation comes from and if putting something like this together is as rewarding as actually doing the thing. Guide looks good and price point is solid. Hope you get a lot of sales!
Interesting question @nathenmcvittie 🤔 Let me put it this way: My long-term goal is to write a real physical book one day. I partially took this project as a test if I'm capable of doing something smaller first (digital ebook) and get some experience before I dive into bigger challenges. For me, the primary motivation was to try out the whole process from an idea stage, into writing, designing and distributing the whole thing on my own. I have never done anything like this before since my main focus is on UI/UX design only and helping others to ship stuff. Here I felt like it's my turn and I wanted to know how it feels to put out something I believe in. Not to mention learn a ton of new experience on the way which (again) I can use later when I need it. Obviously, designing the ebook, site and all the marketing assets was the most enjoyable part (I took it as a standard design project I'm used to), but I'm amazed about the distribution part, which I thought would be different. I should work more on that one for the future.
@alesnesetril Great answer! Thanks for taking the time. As a designer, I focus most of my time on actually designing things. However the creative design of *services* and building brands is vastly interesting. I don't see many non-UI/non-UX designers showing as much interest in the tech community as I'd like... I feel like what you've done here (with the Instagram stuff, not your UI/UX background) has brought those two worlds together somewhat. An interesting thought, nevertheless. Congrats on the launch.
@nathenmcvittie It's interesting topic to discuss, I agree :)

I think that this book is very useful. It changed my view on instagram. I can truly recommend this one.


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Looks like an incredible read. What makes your book different from many free resources available?
Hey @dredurr, thanks for your question. When I did my research before writing the ebook I realized most of the free guides lack context, details and interesting story which would make the reading more personal and connect with the reader. I wanted to use an example of building my own profile and walk people through all the steps I have personally made to get where I'm now. Literally from sharing snacks and new sneakers I bought (which no one cares about) to inspiring people and documenting my design process (providing value). If you think about it this is exactly where most people are at. They are using Instagram as a communication tool with their friends and are dreaming about having a nice, organized and stylish profile one day. I want to help them get there and being honest, transparent (and myself) about my process is the best way how I can tell my story and pass the knowledge. From the reviews I got so far this is exactly what makes the ebook stand out. People really enjoy the form how it's written with straightforward tips and no bs around :) Feel free to take a look at what I mean by checking one free chapter -
If you're looking to absorb a winner's philosophy for IG, this is the book to get. There are a couple small hacks such as optimal Insta hashtags, but the best value this book has to offer is giving reader's a strategy for growth on Insta that won't make them feel dirty. Highly recommend. 🙂
Thanks for your kind words @kopahkah! Just curious: Is there anything I could improve for the future? :)
@alesnesetril Hey Alex, no problem. I would happily pay in the future to read more brass tacks, anything repeatable tasks anyone can act on day by day to see growth. That's why I loved the hashtag part of your book so much, as I saw immediate growth when using it.
@kopahkah Interesting. Thanks for the tips!
This is awesome, Ales! 🔝
Thanks @geda_juskaite, hope everything is going well at productboard!