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#3 Product of the DayMay 05, 2019
The Paper Pen aims to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic biro pens. It is crafted with recyclable paper, uses a water-based ink, while boasting a Japanese design. Based in Sydney Australia, we have quickly expanded to over 32 countries (and counting)
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Neat idea! Do you have any plans to allow for customizations (ie. Business and Organization branding)? I would love to be able to put my business name on these and hand them out/use everywhere.
@shakesmcquakes Hello Tyler, thanks for your comment! Absolutely, we have done business co-branding and have different options available. Please reach out to with more details!
We live in a disposable culture. Most of what we own - from coffee cups to clothes - are either not built to last or are disposed before full use. Particularly when it comes to writing, when billions of cheap plastic biro are thrown out or lost each year, the environmental impact is devastating. They pollute landfill and waterways and when they are burned, they cause air pollution. We wanted to join the ban plastic movement, exploding all over the world, by targeting the next disposable plastic item: Pens.
I like it! Couldn't make the video run on your website though :/
@realromangary that's odd, will look into it. Thanks for the feedback though, Roman!
Do you ship to UAE?
@zigex7 Hi Ziga, yes we ship worldwide.
Absolutely love it!
@mendorshikh Thank you for your kind words MJ Amartaivan!